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  • 유니크한 실루엣과 예술적 요소를
    옷에 담아내는 그레이양

    그레이양은 취향이 뚜렷한 여자를 위한 브랜드로
    기본적인 아이템에 아티스틱한 요소와 과감한 실루엣을
    더해 심플하면서도 퍼스널리티가있는 옷을 디자인합니다.
  • We designed our own original clothes with unique silhouettes and artistic elements for everyday wear.
    The clothes have an easy to feel simplicity, the main goal of our design team is
    to make people feel creative with our remarkable product ideas,
    even when wearing only one item. Our consideration is to create clothes for people
    who seek simplicity and exceptional style in a beautiful classic way,
    through brilliant and witty ideas rather than typically popular clothing among the young generation.